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This would be me if you take a look inside my gallery::iconimhappiestplz:~:heart:




Thunder-n-Lightning has started a donation pool!
300 / 900
Going for my second Nordanner! Check out my commissions if you're willing to help <3

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Alright guys, I really need everyone to read this journal. Whether you like me, love me, hate me, or prefer if I was dead, it doesn't matter. This journal isn't for me. I have a friend who has hit some pretty desperate times recently; now, of course, most everyone I know is on rocky times right now, but this is different. 

~The-Bluejays-Song is an amazing friend and person from over on CS (most of you there know her as Birchwood Hollow/Squirrely Girl),
and her dog Sara is in desperate need of surgery. And I've been in her situation, so I know that horrible desperation
that comes with the thread of losing a pet. Just last year I watched my pit bull Jasmine slowly die from Pancreatis; it was
midnight on a Friday night, and we didn't have the money for the emergency clinic. She had to be euthanized the next

You can read more about her plight here: the-bluejays-song.deviantart.c…

So, for the moment, I'm taking new commissions. THESE ARE SPECIAL, ONE TIME ONLY COMMISSIONS. And they're for cash only, sorry guys. She needs the money. Here's what you can get, and for how much:

-"Sketch dumps" of 1-2 characters.
-Headshots, fully colored & shaded, transparent/simple backgrounds. Any species, 1-3 characters.
-Flatcolor character designs.
-Breedings from or between any of my non-species (Nordanner, Shedu, etc.) characters.
-Pixel avatars.

-Aderan Swamp Horse IMPORTS.
-Headshots with complicated backgrounds, more than 3 characters, etc. Still full color & shading.
-Simple animated headshots with cell/simple soft shading.
-Character designs with FULL reference sheets (both sides, head, color palette, etc. etc.)
-Transparent fullbody art, full color & shading.

-Full body art with backgrounds, etc. Up to four characters, any species.
-Nordanner/Shedu/other species images (Kaaring; Shedu training/races, etc.) Simpler, not as much detail but still detailed.
-Animated avatars; can be pixel or normal.

-Aderan Swamp Horse CUSTOM.
-More complex animation, though less than a runcycle.
-High detailed fullbody art with dynamic/detailed background; may allow simple background animations (e.g. twinkling stars, moving clouds, etc.).

-One slot to my SAN Pompeii's Spectre, pure Nordanner stallion. Can be reserved until he gets his bloodline.
-Runcycle animation with full color & shading, background, etc.

I may add more as I go along.
If you are interested, the money must be sent STRAIGHT to The-Bluejays-Song, not me, so you must note her asking for Paypal or whatever. Once she notifies me that she has
received payment, note me and I will begin your commission. If it is for a competition, notify me of the end date so that
I may prioritize my commissions!
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Thunder-n-Lightning's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Brittany though I prefer to be called Amethyst, or Ami for short. I am a Senior living in Jacksonville, FL with my mother, grandfather, sis (OnagaRedDemonOfOhu), and dog Blade. I'm currently preparing to make the jump to an art college, though I am unsure which yet. I typically do traditional art, though am using my Tablet more and more each day. I'm interested in art (of course), video games, writing, horses, and most of all meeting new friends and having new experiences. I'm always up to chat with a kindred spirit, and I'm there if you ever need someone to talk to o3o


"Why is it that when someone says 'With all due respect' they actually mean 'Kiss my ass'?"
-Ashley Williams, conversation between her and Kaiden Alenko on Vermire, Mass Effect 1


ASH Customs

Aderan Swamp Horse Customs. 

Please read the group rules before you order.





Base Coat:


Mane/Tail type:


For Customs, you have full control over everything about your ASH. Therefore, they are not cheap.

You CANNOT order rare or very rare coats; they are only for special releases.

See Information journal is the Aderan SH Assn. Group for full information BEFORE you order.

ASH Imports

Aderan Swamp Horse Imports.

Please read the group rules before you order.



Two preferences:


For Imports, a random number generation is used for all unspecified attribute.

See Information journal is the Aderan SH Assn. Group for full information BEFORE you order.

Fullbody Horse Art
Escape by Thunder-n-Lightning
Sitala: Anthro reference by Thunder-n-Lightning
Dree and Navajo by Thunder-n-Lightning
Huzair by Thunder-n-Lightning
Storm Warning by Thunder-n-Lightning
Can do most any pose, any equine-like species. If it is a species, link me to the breedsheet if possible please :) Send me a picture of you charrie, their name and gender, the pose you want, and the background.
Custom Character Designs
Raxka by Thunder-n-Lightning
The Stork has come! by Thunder-n-Lightning
Point Adoptable 2 by Thunder-n-Lightning
Character designs, any species, theme, colors, etc. Every character is unique and hand-drawn. Just request one with the species, gender, color scheme, and patterns/details and items you'd like to see.

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LilSisSyd 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
YAY! FAVS AND A NEW WATCHER!! I FEEL SO LOVED!!! THANK YOUS!!!! :iconoldschoolownedplz:
Someone who *finally* writes a GarrusxShepard reader insert. THANK YOU.
:heart: :heart: :heart:
*pokes* I need more. In order of what I need:
3. Keep going on the JeffxReader one you started. It intrigues me.

No but seriously, you're giving me the motivation to start writing again. I look forward to reading more from you! Keep up the great work :heart:
LilSisSyd 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
XD I thought someone should get the balls to do one, so why not me?? I get to be the 1st one EVER!! No more respect than that. 

More Garrus will be on the way, I dunno about Slendy though.....My friend might not like me writing romances about her Daddy, adnd I'll get on that story soon enough

I'm happy you found this new found motivation to write through my stories......It really makes me feel as if I'm doing something right with my life. I look forward to what you come up with. 
Nexu4 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
:iconthanxforfavplz:on give me a kiss .... Noooo by Nexu4 :iconboltdogplz:
Simander Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch c:
SkyWings-Azira Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the Fave!
Anytime c:
I'd love to commission you sometime in the future!
SkyWings-Azira Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the Watch too!
RoyalAnubis Dec 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch :heart:
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