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This would be me if you take a look inside my gallery::iconimhappiestplz:~:heart:




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Going for my second Nordanner! Check out my commissions if you're willing to help <3

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You know, it gets hard.

It gets hard keeping yourself moving forward. I know that. But when you're fighting against a downhill tsunami to get uphill, while also dragging a heavy heart and ten tons of regret, it makes things feel less worth the risk and heartache.

I've actually found what I'm most scared of in life; it's not spiders, nor drowning. It's something I've already been living with.

I've just now begun to accept it. Accept that no matter how far I go, nor how many battles I win or successes I have, regardless of whether or not I become the best animator Disney has ever seen, I will always be a failure. No matter what, I will always live with the regret that I didn't push myself farther and harder to get the one thing I always wanted more than anything in the world. And now, now that I've come to this moment, I realize it's already far too late. And I'll live with this regret for the rest of my life.

And that scares me more than anything else ever could.
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Thunder-n-Lightning's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Brittany though I prefer to be called Amethyst, or Ami for short. I am a Senior living in Jacksonville, FL with my mother, grandfather, sis (OnagaRedDemonOfOhu), and dog Blade. I'm currently preparing to make the jump to an art college, though I am unsure which yet. I typically do traditional art, though am using my Tablet more and more each day. I'm interested in art (of course), video games, writing, horses, and most of all meeting new friends and having new experiences. I'm always up to chat with a kindred spirit, and I'm there if you ever need someone to talk to o3o


"Why is it that when someone says 'With all due respect' they actually mean 'Kiss my ass'?"
-Ashley Williams, conversation between her and Kaiden Alenko on Vermire, Mass Effect 1


"__ x Reader" commissions
Like my writing? Can't seem to find any good reader inserts of your favorite character?
Look no further, young literary connoisseur. I can fulfill your wish.
In your message, include the Character name, and a theme. If you'd like it completely personalized to you, just add 50 extra points through my Donation Pool and give me your characters' general information (name, gender, height, body type, eyes color, hair color/length, etc.)
Full Commission Art
Escape by Thunder-n-Lightning
Sunset Lavender by Thunder-n-Lightning
Forest Dweller by Thunder-n-Lightning
1323 SAP Cantessa Incanta by Thunder-n-Lightning
Sunrise Serenity by Thunder-n-Lightning
Storm Warning by Thunder-n-Lightning
Can do most any pose, any equine-like species. Can also do Shedu cats.
If it is a species, link me to the breedsheet if possible please :)
Send me a picture of your character, their name and gender, the pose you want, and the background. Backgrounds will be painted, no pictures unless it's your own image and you'd prefer it, but painting backgrounds are fun. Also specify the shading style you want; all are done immediately with realistic shading, but you can choose cell shading should you desire it. 
Custom Character Designs
Raxka by Thunder-n-Lightning
The Stork has come! by Thunder-n-Lightning
Point Adoptable 2 by Thunder-n-Lightning
Character designs, any species, theme, colors, etc. Every character is unique and hand-drawn. Just request one with the species, gender, color scheme, and patterns/details and items you'd like to see.

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